Advantages and Disadvantages of a Website

There are many ways that you can go about making money online, and a lot of them don’t require that you have your own website. However, if you are serious about making lots of money, and set yourself up for a residual income, then putting together your own website is essential.

Why Not Just a Blog?

The reason being is that your entries get buried in the archives, which many people just do not want to dig through. Therefore, a blog will not be suitable in many situations, however, a blog will do just fine if you are only selling your services, or if you like to ramble about politics, celebrities, or any other current event.

If you are only selling one or two products you can also make good use of a blog, as older posts will not be buried with new posts, as you are only selling a few products. But if you have a lot of products that you want to sell, then a blog will not do you justice. You will not be able to sell that digital camera, because the product review is buried with your current reviews. If people cannot easily find your posts, they simply will not read them.

Advantages of a Website

A website will help you to neatly organize all your product reviews, or products so that your users will be able to find them easily, and thus you will be able to make money with them for years to come.

Another great advantage that you have with a website, is that you can design the layout yourself. You have full control of the colors, navigation bars, and every item on each webpage. This helps you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A website also allows you to create masterpages, which most blogging platforms do not allow you to do. A master page is simply a page dedicated to a certain topic. For example if you are selling cameras, you could create a master page dedicated to Kodak cameras, and another master page to Canon and so on. You can create as many master pages as you like, and they make it extremely easy for your users to find stuff.

Disadvantages of a Website

One disadvantage of a website is that they take a lot of time to organize and keep organized. The more pages you create the more difficult it becomes to keep them all linked together. However, this amount of work is well worth it, as it simply makes it user friendly.

Another disadvantage is that you will either have to buy a program to help you create your website, or, you will have to learn to create the pages from scratch. This means you will have to learn HTML and CSS. There are many other codes to learn, but these 2 are the basic ones which you need to know in order to get started. There is a lot to learn regarding the codes, but they are not hard to get your mind around, as they are pretty straightforward.

So if your goal is to build a residual income, then you owe it to yourself to set up a blog, or if you plan on selling or promoting a wide variety of products, then you really should look into setting up your own website.