Make Money on the Web With These Advanced SEO Techniques

There are so many more people every day turning to the internet to learn how to make money on the web. Unemployment rates and financial recessions have led many households to require extra income just to make ends meet each month. If you are starting an online home based business, I have a few SEO tricks that might help.


We all know that knowledge is power and learning how to make money on the web is no exception. While no specialized computer skills are needed to get started, if your business is going to have any chance of succeeding you will need to learn everything you can about SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO Techniques

Keyword Research – One of the first and most important steps is finding the right keywords. Use Google’s keyword tool to generate a list of long tail keyword phrases. Research which keywords are getting traffic and what the competition is like. Only optimize for keywords that are in the sweet spot of having some traffic but not too much competition.

Backlink Building – Another important step is to create as many quality backlinks to your site as possible. Article submissions, guest blog posts, blog comments and forum comments are all great ways of creating backlinks. Only backlink from sites that are relevant to your business niche.

RSS Feeds – Once you have a feed for your site, submit it to the top RSS feed directories. Your feed will automatically be updated from the time of submission so you’ll only have to do it one time.

On-site Optimization – Build your site around the keywords you have chosen. Create quality content around them and be sure to include the keywords in page titles, meta data and alt text for any images used. Remember that web crawlers only read your site’s HTML so review the source code for each page to ensure the keywords are sprinkled throughout.


Search engine optimization can be time consuming and does require an intermediate level of expertise. If you’ve not the time or skills but are trying to make money on the web, there are freelance SEO experts available for hire. Check out sites like Elance or Freelancer to find help.