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A Guide to Drug Testing in the Workplace

The recreational use of the drug is sometimes done by employees in the workplace. This is the reason why many employees schedule regular or random drug testing in the workplace. If you want to be prepared to take a drug test in your workplace, then you should at least know what to expect. If you want to have an effective drug testing in your workplace, then it is important that you know something about drug testing.

There are many things that both employers and employees should know about drug testing that we shall look at below.

The most common drug test used by companies today is the urine test but the problem with this test is that your employees have already found ways to manipulate the results of a urine drug test. While this test is cheap, fast, and effective, employees only drink large amounts of water before taking the test so that drug residues are flushed out from their system. This can make the urine drug test a negative dilute test. There will be inaccurate results with diluted urine. While some employers let this go, others would request for a restest.

Urine tests are able to pick up drug traces used as far back as a week. There should be an immediate urine drug testing if an employer suspects drug use in the workplace.

There are many different kinds of drug tests that employers can use. The difference is in the number of panels that they use. The number of drugs that are being tested for corresponding to a panel in the drug test. 6-panel and 10-panel drug tests are the popular ones. The widest variety of drug tested in urine is 16 kinds and this uses the 16-panel drug test.

Today, many companies are already switching to hair follicle drug tests. Compared to urine tests, hair follicle test results are more accurate. Hair follicle can test for the presence of drug traces that have been there for 90 to 120 days. As long as 60 to 120 days prior to drug testing, employees who have used drugs within this time period will be tested positive of drug use. A hair follicle test can also reveal the employee’s history of drug taking. Hair follicle drug testing is difficult to cheat. In a hair follicle test, they don’t allow you to bring loose samples of your hair because it is easy to switch. The sample of hair to be taken for drug analysis will come from the back of your head. If you have taken drugs for the past 3 to 4 months should be aware that drug traces can still be found in a hair follicle test and you may be in trouble with your employment. It is more expensive to have a hair follicle drug test than a urine test.

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