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Tennessee Whiskies

Tennessee whiskey comprises of some of the world’s most famous whiskey brands. You will find that there are rules to being called a Tennessee whiskey you must follow. We shall look at some of those rules here, and why we have them.
For a whiskey to be called a bourbon, it has to meet several requirements. It is expected to be distilled from mash made from at least 51% corn, aged in new charred oak barrels, nothing reused, distilled under 160 proof and barreled above 125 proof. It needs to be above 80 proof when bottled. It should also have been made in the US for it to be called bourbon.
Majority of the bourbon in the US is from Kentucky. This has always seemed like one of the requirements, which is why Tennessee whiskey is not among the ranks. However Tennessee whiskey adheres to all set rules, and goes one even further. There is a law in Tennessee that expects distilleries to use the Lincoln County Process, for their product to be called a Tennessee whiskey. This is the process where the distilled whiskey shall go through a charcoal filter right before barreling. There are unique approaches to how each distillery handles the filtering. This filtration process is responsible for the mellowing of the flavor of the whiskey. Tennessee whiskey thus has less of a burn that other bourbons. Tennessee whiskey shall then be aged in Tennessee.
One of the most famous Tennessee whiskey brands is Jack Daniels. Their distillery has been producing whiskey for over 150 years. It has also gotten more famous due to its associations in pop culture. You will also hear of George Dickel, the next most famous Tennessee whiskey brand. Another one is Popcorn Sutton. You will discover more Tennessee whiskey brands as you keep looking.
You will find that these distilleries also hold tours for their customers. This shall be a time for you to see how their whiskeys come to be. This shall be how you come to taste some of the not prominently known brands. You should arrange to go for these beautiful tours, no matter where you are.
You will hear of some issues that the Tennessee whiskey liquor law come with. Most of the other distilleries feel these laws are mostly in favor of Jack Daniels. They find their options to compete better are limited, in a process that suits Jack Daniels perfectly.
Most of the whiskey connoisseurs do not think much of Tennessee whiskey, not even Jack Daniels. But this should not stop you from trying it out, especially if you love whiskey. This product makes for a great gift as well. You may learn more about enjoying it on this site.

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