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7 Simple Steps To Web Wealth

Posted on May 2, 2022 by Dale Pleasant

A good deal of individuals and companies have websites. They also have products and services they want people to know about. Unfortunately, the majority of these individuals and companies waste most of their time on matters which don't enable them to earn money. Here are 7 areas to focus on that will help you make more cash:

1. Do not forget that advertising is much more important than what your product is. In case you've got the best product ever and nobody knows about it you won't earn any money.

Direct response advertising online is extremely similar to direct response advertising offline. 90% of your time should be spent in advertising because nothing else will make you money. Do not waste time figuring out the way to do it correctly. Study the men and women who've already spent time and money on learning what does and does not work. Then you can spend more of your time on collecting money.

2. You need to have a back end product to earn decent money. The best way to make the most money is to offer FREE information that's valuable. This will begin your relationship with a client. Then have a product that's under $50 for a front end. Make sure that the front end product is somehow attached to the rear end product. By way of instance, if you sell a $10 book on shaving points off your golf score, you need a back end product like a $300 class on the top proven techniques for the very best golf swing ever.

3. Your product has to be valuable to your clients. They need to think that what they get is worth far more than what they paid for this. That will make them a lifelong customer. Sell them something useless and they'll be unhappy and they'll be gone forever. Sell products that you believe in or do not sell anything.

4. Provide your customers FREE bonuses and more than you promised. Under promise and over deliver. Make your customers say "Wow!" When they receive your merchandise. Do not just make them happy, blow their minds with how much value they get from you.

There are thousands of low cost bonus products that you can throw in as a thank you. Better still, these low cost bonuses can make your clients plenty of money and they'll appreciate you more. In any case, it's more ethical and creative and fun to build in great extras and bonuses for individuals. The bottom line is that the more you give the more you get.

5. Get e-mail addresses that are uninstalled. This is like gold for you. The sole purpose for a consumer site is to capture leads and to sell goods. By leads I mean email addresses. You want to develop a customer list and you need to work it differently. Send out a monthly e-zine that provides FREE valuable information and mentions similar products they may be considering. They may see something that a friend of theirs may want to purchase from you.

The key here is that these people today request to be in your list, you provide them FREE information that has value, and they can unsubscribe at any time.

6. Build a relationship. It's far easier to sell somebody who has had a fantastic experience with you than somebody who has never heard of you. Most companies ignore this fact and spend thousands of dollars every month hoping to bring in new customers while they ignore people who already bought from them. Pretty stupid, but that is how most businesses operate.

7. Never stop learning. The very best and richest entrepreneurs in the industry spend the maximum amount of money buying books, tapes and courses that keep them on the leading edge. Why? Because nobody knows it all and new and better ways to advertise are discovered daily.

There's a whole lot of valuable FREE information available online which is easy to discover and can make you plenty of money. 1 good idea can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars in future sales for you. So invest in yourself and your future.