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Everything on the Internet is Content

Posted on March 27, 2024 by Dale Pleasant

Before you begin to think that that is another SEO technique that could or might not work according to the current algorithms of the various search engines, consider it...


The internet is really a veritable treasure trove of information. Good, bad, valuable or not, the web is focused on providing information to people. This is why smart online marketers understand that people want information from their websites - not only SEO enriched pages of advertising.

The loopholes that internet search engine optimizers have already been attempting to use for high ranking in the internet search engine has created various sites that boast high keyword ratios, a large number of irrelevant hyperlinks or even redirection. These redirected websites make an effort to create an optimized website that the various search engines will rank high but actually redirect the viewer to a less internet search engine friendly site.

Well, the various search engines caught on. Web sites that were obtaining the highest placements weren't always providing quality information or useful content. Actually, they not merely lowered the ranking of the sites - they even removed them from the listings completely.

This sent a shock wave through the web community and smart marketers realized that there surely is only 1 sure solution to convince the various search engines they were designed to be at the very top: Quality Content.

Not only do the various search engines love content, but visitors do too. By giving visitors with useful information and relevant links to other sites, they keep coming back over and over! And that is not the only real benefit.

Because site owners are actually hungry for content, there exists a huge market for informative articles that other site owners can use on the sites. By offering information to these sites in trade for a web link to your internet site, you get a lot more exposure, both to find engines AND customers.

Writing content for the major article directory sites and including a signature or "concerning the author" by the end of this article with a web link back to your site is among the best means of generating free web site traffic. If this article is well crafted and in regards to a strong niche topic, this article will get found by many websites because of their own sites, that may supply you with a wonderful group of viral links to your internet site. The more often your article gets found, the more opportunity there's for another webmaster to view it and pick it up, too.