Get a Niche!

The facts are once you focus in on a particular market you’ll observe that business actually increases. Why?

Here’s an excellent reasons:

  • You’re in a position to achieve your prospects faster and easier. “Casting your net to see everything you get” is in fact too costly and yields hardly any results. If you have a niche, you understand who your clients are, what they need, and how to locate them.
  • People start discussing you (in a great way). When you concentrate on serving a narrow niche, you’re quickly seen as a specialist. Your name spreads like wildfire and referrals naturally happen.
  • Your services are more sought after. It goes without saying that as you feel called an expert or specialist in your field, the perceived value of one’s services significantly increases. You begin attractive to a higher caliber clientele; one which appreciates your projects, pays your fees without question, and happily passes your name to their friends and family.
  • Stop wasting your time, money, and energy by marketing to everyone beneath the sun.

    Begin to target your marketing. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and commence to write an overview for the ideal client. Include occupation, income, age, sex, and geographic location whether it’s applicable to your organization. (Do not forget to incorporate “punctual, pays promptly, respects and values your projects, etc.).

    Next, jot down the normal challenge or struggle that these folks appear to share — together with the solution your unique services give them.

    Creating your ideal client profile is foundational piece in marketing your service business -don’t spend another dollar on marketing until you’ve completed this crucial step. When you have this information readily available you may use it to generate compelling marketing materials which will truly “speak” to your prospects.