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Getting Free Publicity For Your Internet Site and Products

Posted on September 11, 2021 by Dale Pleasant

Website Focus

Make sure that your website is focused on a particular category of products. I can't stress this enough. The editors will often check to find out if your site features products that are in precisely the exact same category as your product press release. This is one of the important ways you can get free publicity for your products. Because when you send out a press release on a new solution, the editors will check your website to be certain that you provide similar products. Once they see that you provide a wide assortment of merchandise in this same class, you will greatly enhance your odds for getting free publicity for your products and site.

Target the right magazines for your products

I've talked to a lot of men and women that are tempted to send out their press releases to every magazine available. I strongly advise against doing so. It's simply not effective and may even upset the editors when you send them information unrelated to their viewers. Additionally, it reduces your chances of getting in the magazines if you're sending out press releases to every magazine group. The important thing is to stick with the most targeted magazines for your products and just email them with your merchandise announcements.

Be consistent and patient when emailing the editors

It's quite important to be consistent when you email the editors. Try to introduce a new product on a monthly to bi-monthly foundation to the editors of the magazines. If you do it on a consistent basis before you know it, one of your products could be picked up in one of those magazines. Additionally it is important to be patient with the procedure. You might not here anything for a month or two and then all of a sudden you may discover that a magazine picked up your press release and is running it. On average it takes print magazines a month to three months to publish your press release. For online magazines you might have your press release picked up within days or weeks. That's the reason it is important to target both.

Be prompt to an editor's request

Be prepared when the editors contact you. Many times an editor will want to contact you and ask some basic questions about your organization. Another reason they may contact you would be to include your product in their next issue. When this occurs the editor will ask you for a 300 dpi photo of your merchandise to be emailed to them so that they can set it in the magazine. During the years of doing email press releases, I've learned to contact my suppliers before I send out a press release and ask them for a 300 dpi photo. I keep the picture (s) on file in a computer file folder marked"editor's photographs." They are easy to retrieve, and because I already asked the picture in advance, I can just retrieve it from my file and send it to the editor within minutes of this petition.

Follow up with a thank you note whenever you get free publicity

When you get free publicity send a thank you note to this editor to let them know just how much you appreciate the compose. This is also a fantastic chance to let them know how the ad is working for you. The editors love to hear about the success you're having with their own magazine.