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How To Effectively Use Banner Ads

Posted on November 23, 2022 by Dale Pleasant

Banner ads enjoyed their highest degree of prominence before the web bubble burst.

For this reason most web marketers look down upon them.

When you conduct a casual survey of internet sites you'll discover that almost all would not utilize them, and would like 10 to 1 to utilize text based ads.

Text based ads are actually far better than banner ads, and so are used more to market services and products online.

But this will not imply that banner ads can't be used to market online.

As a matter of known fact, periodically an internet business will have to use banner ads.

Situations that want using banner ads include sites which have recently been saturated with text based ads, such as for example ppc ads, product critiques, and links.

You may also see an elevated response rate to your your banner if it's the only person being displayed on the webpage. Way more if it enjoys prominent positioning on the page.

My experience does show that consumers will react to banner ads if they're designed within certain parameters.

In order for the your banner to receive a good response rate it requires to become a professional looking graphic. Consumers will respond based on the attractiveness of the ad, so be sure you work with a professional graphic designer, or work with a nice looking your banner given by your affiliate program.

The your banner must also employ a clear message in regards to what it really is offering. Confused consumers only will move ahead and explore their options on the website, including simply exiting the website.

Successful banner ads use text that stress product great things about the products on offer.

Banner ads that combine these three traits can easily see higher click on through rates than text based ads.

They make this happen utilizing the image to fully capture the eye's attention, and the written text element of motivate the buyer to select it.