Dramatically Boost Your Exposure With A Press Release

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing a article for publication:

1) ALWAYS target your releases to the appropriate media. Take your time to research the different forms of media available in your particular market niche. Don’t try sell or advertise. Failure to do this will have your press release in the trash somewhere. Working with the editor by providing newsworthy information to provide his/her readers will provide the editor with the incentive to work with you.

2) Take your time when writing your press release. Don’t just brag about your product or service – editors could care less how great you think your products are. Make sure that you slant your press release to be NEWSWORTHY! Think of ways how you can fulfill your readers’ needs! Focus first on what that need or problem is and then write the press release from that perspective of the readers’ benefits. This way your release will get much more attention. If you have a website then your release is a powerful tool to gain some traffic.

Remember, driving traffic to your web site isn’t easy. With so many different promotional options like search engines, e-zines, banner swaps and bulk email campaigns it’s easy to forget the fact that the PRESS RELEASE is the single most important method for generating publicity to your business website.

Think of an effectively written Press Release as being complimentary Advertising! Any article written about your product, company, event, or promotion, and published by an independent third party, will almost certainly deliver a sense of credibility and an implied endorsement that PAID advertisements just can’t bring.

Keep your release short and informative. It should contain no more than 500 words and no more than two pages.

Be sure to include your contact information. Write a release that includes contact name, company name, full address, phone number, email address, and Web site URL. The contact name should be someone who’s available and capable of answering questions.

A Press Release is simply the most powerful form of advertising there is!