What Exactly Is a Blog?

Blogging has become very popular over the last couple of years. Many enjoy blogging simply because it gives them a sense of accomplishment, and others do it for the money. But real success comes when you do it for both of those reasons.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of the whole world reading your blog, then you can choose to make it private, and only those whom you allow to read it, can read it.

What is a Blog?

A blog is basically like an online diary where you share your experiences, knowledge, gossip or anything that you want. You can share pictures, as well as video to give your readers the best experience possible.

There are different types of blogs, but the most popular blogs are contextual. This is where the blogger’s main method of getting the point across is with writing. However, many bloggers do not like to write, but they are good at taking pictures and so they share those with the world. This is known as “photoblogging”.

Video blogging, or “vlogging”, is also a very popular form of blogging. These blogs or “vlogs”, contain mostly video. This form of blogging is great for those who enjoy getting in front of a camera. You do not need any expensive camera equipment to get started with this kind of blogging (although it is nice), but a good digital camera recorder will work well.

If you are using your blog to promote your main site, then you might want to consider microblogging. This form of blogging allows you to make short entries, making them perfect for a link and a short description.

However, you want to avoid throwing up too many links pointing to only one website, as this may be deemed as spam by the search engines. Therefore it is a good idea to make plenty of small entries that do not contain any links. You can also add posts that contain links that point to other related websites. This way your readers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of content, not just written by you, but by other bloggers as well.

What are the Costs?

Blogs are usually free, the only time you would have to pay, is if you want to get your own domain name, and you would have a cost of around $10, more or less. The only reason you would purchase your own domain name is that it makes you look more professional. You can also choose to have your blog hosted on your own hosting plan but this is not necessary. However, if you choose to have your own hosting, you can do so for less than $5 a month.